Hot Erotic Massage Techniques For Foreplay Building Up to Great Sex


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I recall the first time I gave a hot, erotic massage girl. I was quite young a the time and really nervous, almost overwhelmed when she became popular her top and lay around the sofa. She would be a little shy, so she lay to be with her front and I can still remember how her body jumped once i put my hands on her. I was really away from my comfort zone too and my hands started shaking as my fingers made contact with her bare back. Due to my older friends, I kept if soon she would be overcome by lust and hop on me. Almost half one hour later, she put her top on and that i took her to the station.

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The whole walk I was wondering where I’d gone wrong, in the end I’d done everything right, hadn’t I? It was then that I decided to ask for advice from one of my more skillful friends. I’d barely got through half of my description before he checked out me in disbelief and said,

“What? You didn’t you lick her neck or back or anything?!?”

The point my friend had made was an incredible one: there is a realm of difference separating a pleasurable back-rub from a hot, erotic massage!

Erotic Massage Techniques

Just what exactly actually is the difference? In fact the techniques used in both the back rub and also the hot, erotic massage are similar. The key difference is your attitude. While a non-erotic massage requires technique, a fashionable, erotic massage without technique whatsoever can nevertheless be a success if it makes the receiver feel more sexual afterward.

The main reason I went so badly wrong all those years back was because I forgot how the main purpose of a hot, erotic massage was the same as any other kind of foreplay: to provide her a taster of the sex with me was going to be like. If you successfully show her that you can tease her and understand all the right spots then she’s going to know that you will probably be described as a great lover.

Here is the other key to these types of massages, because it is a kind of foreplay you will want to use the same techniques that you will use if you were giving some other kind of foreplay:

* Tease using touches that hardly touch her, just brush her using the lightest touch. You want to make her want you to touch her more.

* Bring your hand close to an erogenous zone, however move your hand regarding this without touching. This break with what she is expecting are certain to get her tingling with anticipation.

* Try to find area that have a lot of sensation. Any area which has a large amount of nerve endings will feel happy when you touch it. The whole length of the spine, the armpits, sides from the breasts and neck all will feel great.

* Her breasts and clitoris can be touched either when she least expects it or by slowly coming up to it. The tease can be as important as the touch in cases like this.

* Making slow circles that will get smaller and smaller, relocating towards her nipple or clitoris is a superb way to keep the edit and tease her.

* Show her your oral technique by sucking, licking and gently biting her spine or even the sensitive part of her neck. This should be a hint of what is in the future and should use most of the same techniques.

The Not-Erotic Massage Techniques Section

While strategy is not so important, it’s worthwhile knowing some of the basic massage techniques. Any of these, if done with enough skill, can certainly become hot and erotic too. Women love some guy who is dexterous!

1. Your hands are rough and her skin is actually soft. Simple equation: rough on soft equals pain! So you can make things infinitely better for her by simply using a great deal of oil or lotion to deal with. Select a good, nice-smelling one for bonus points.

2. Look for what she responds best to and then use those areas to punctuate the massage (Normally the neck and shoulders)

3. You are able to probably touch her harder than you realized, but make sure that you only touch muscle like a firm touch on bone is agony!

And that is basically it. Once a woman knows that even your massages get her excited, it’s easy to find that you can turn the massage into great foreplay that can make her want to hop on you.